A small business with a large foundation.

Creative, Reliable, Innovative, and Fair
At ProDigiphi our success is measured off our Clients’ success. With this mind set, it becomes our mission to set you up for success by providing your company with a  single point of contact for their graphics and infrastructure needs.
With a broad understanding of multiple disciplines and departmental relations, we approach our projects and assignments with 3 main objectives in mind.

  1. Will this solution or product provided meet the needs of  today?
  2. Will this solution stand strong while facing the potential problems of tomorrow?
  3. What is the shortest and most simple process to gain these results without compromising the solution’s integrity?
At ProDigiphi, we are committed to being honest with our customers. While our skills and professional work experiences are vast, we will not knowingly commit to any job that both the client and ProDigiphi Team can not walk away from feeling proud of.  If we cannot provide the service that you are needing we will say so upfront.  This is one of the first steps to ensuring success.

Real Estate Marketing

  • Real Estate Photography
  • Informational Handouts
  • Floor Plans
  • Virtual Tours / Slide Shows
  • Most Services within 48 Hr.

Web Development & Consulting

  • Website Design and Development
  • E-Commerce Product Development
  • Google & Bing Apps for Merchants
  • 3rd-Party Vender Integration
  • Systems Deployment Planning


  • Custom Proposal Graphics
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Event Programs
  • PowerPoint Slide Shows
  • Engineering Plan Enhancements


Nestled away in Rock Hill, South Carolina, we take pride in providing expandable solutions that accomplish the diverse demands placed upon today’s marketing departments.

Specializing in a everything from commercial photography  to complex multifaceted E-commerce systems, ProDigiphi is a one stop firm that can provide the right solution for your company’s complex needs.

  • Real Estate Marketing

    Floor Plans
    HD Slide Shows

  • Graphics

    Presentations & Support materials
    Print and/or Web ready designs
    Corporate Support & Branding Collaterals

  • Consulting Services

    Website Designs and Deployments
    E-Commerce Support
    Marketplace Implementations for Search Engines
    Google Apps for Work
    System Infrastructures and Integration