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ProDigiphi offers web development services specializing in large e-commerce platforms and small business start-ups. By developing in WordPress and Magento our strategic practices are built with company growth and user interaction in mind. What this means is we will not advise you to rebuild your web site because you want to change a photo.

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What We Do

Knowing where to start with the World Wide Web can be a daunting task, not to mention very time consuming. With this in mind ProDigiphi has developed a sure fire way to streamline this process. Simply put….we do it all ourselves, right here, in-house, with employees that speak your language. With so many developers already in the world we try not to build systems “only because we can”. We minimize development and design times by taking advantage of open source programs and plugins as much as possible. This means less man-hours which in-turn only helps our clients’ bottom line.
If you have a pre-existing web site, one that needs a face-lift, or no site at all,ProDigiphi is here to help. We are willing to find you a scaleable hosting solution, purchase your domain for you, sync your accounts with Google and other major search engines, and get you up and running. We’ve done it before for multi-million dollar clients, we can do it for you! Once you’re up and running we are willing to continue to manage your account or simply turn it over to you. Feel free to ask about our management plans.
Setting up payment gateways and shipping portals can ware anyone out. We’ve got you covered.  ProDigiphi e-commerce specialist are extremely well versed in these tasks. From setting up G-tin accounts, creating and customizing catalogs fields, or dealing with complex shipping methods, we’ve done it all – and we’re here to help. We also have specialist that will manage your Google & Bing Merchant accounts for you!
ProDigiphiSo you have your website running and are able to manage it’s contents all on your own, but still not getting the results that you were hoping for?  Let us help you out….We will give you an honest, no hassle review of your site. We’ll make easy to accomplish recommendations along with excitable goals that will get you on the road to success.
Does your company have too many vendor accounts that are owned by too many rouge e-mail accounts? This doesn’t need to be. Let our system architects streamline the way your company does business. We can can set up your google work apps along with groups and company emails, all in a fashion to where you have as much or as little control of company accounts as required. When ProDigiphi builds systems we seek out cost saving methods so that when we finish our assignments the recurring cost to our clients are minimized.

ProDigiphi has solutions for all your service request. If you are interested in finding out more or don’t see a service that you would like, please reach out to us.